Geresti has a large selection of albums on: Cassette, CD, Piano Disks and Sheet Music which are distributed by his record company with tremendous success throughout the world. He also is actively orchestrating and recording new works of his own arrangements for future albums and presently travels extensively performing for Special Events, Festivals, and Concerts.

Geresti of Hungarian descent, was born October 9, 1953 in Pittsburgh, PA. He began studying piano at the age of ten with the influence of the Classics and then went on to study piano performance at West Virginia University. To further his experience he performed and traveled with a show band throughout the United States. With the promotion of a record company, he toured the U.S. with an original recording group into the early 80's. During this time the group released two albums with several original works by Mr. Geresti. Soon after, he began as a solo performing artist in the Atlanta, Georgia area; piano bars, restaurants, and special performances where he developed quite a following. Geresti's music is played internationally on Family Radio Station out of Oakland California. His albums are played in airports, major shopping malls, restaurants and many other public places through DMX Music, Muzak, Dish TV and the Internet. Geresti's "Speak Softly To Me" Album is in the top 25 list of best sellers in the QRS CatalogueItunes,RhapsodyNapster,and Pandora are a few of the digital companies that get his music played all over the World. Recently his music was aired on TV program Criminal Minds. During the holidays music from his Christmas albums were aired on local on the 8's on The Weather Channel.

Record Tiger Trout caught on Lake Allatoona 2018

In 1987 he recorded and released his first solo album, "Memories". Geresti's repertoire ranges from such classic greats as Debussy's "Claire De Lune", Beethoven's Fur Elise, the best of the Movie themes and Broadway show tunes including the Emotionally Charged"Phantom Medley" and his own sensitive and tranquil arrangements of Contemporary Music as well as his own compositions. Orchestrated and arranged by himself, his music sizzles with emotion and will truly reach out and grab hold of his audience of every age group . His Divine Devotions series which now includes 5 Divine Devotions albums is an incredible collection of older hymns and some new and original selections of praise and worship songs that has been best sellers since their debut! Divine Devotions IV is a 2 cd collection of hymns done on his own concert grand piano and another cd with songs with vocals by Geresti. Divine Devotions V is his latest with all songs sung and performed by himself which consist of the newest Praise and Worship music of today. His original albums have been played on The Weather Channel in the past and currently he has 11 albums live on Pandora.

Throughout the year he travels mixing fun with shows, fishing, camping and he enjoys tinkering with his vintage classic vehicles, motorcycling, and working in his garden/yard where he has an expansive variety of flowers and vegetables. His latest interest is in the Indian motorcycles. He has a 2014 Vintage and enjoys collecting and making accessories for the Indian Motorcycle enthusiasts. If you see anything you would like made custom feel free to call or email him to discuss things.

Geresti's '66 Chevy